Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to become a member. How can I join the Michigan Orchid Society?


We try to make joining MOS simple and affordable for everyone. Membership dues are $15 per year for those who prefer to receive the member newsletter by email. If you want us to print and mail you a copy of the newsletter, membership dues are $20 per year.

Please make checks payable to "Michigan Orchid Society".  Include Name, address, e-mail, and phone number. Mail checks to:

MOS c/o D. Dudas   

4737 Baldwin  

Metamora, MI  48455

If you are a new member please write NEW MEMBERSHIP on your check. If you are renewing your membership, please write RENEWAL on your check -- and remember to send it out each year on January 1st!

What are the benefits of membership with the Michigan Orchid Society?

We're glad you asked! By becoming a member, you are supporting the mission of the Michigan Orchid Society, and helping us educate the public about the beauty, science, history, and culture of orchids. You'll get access to our member newsletter (available online and by mail). All the literature and publications that MOS has collected will available to you (see a complete list here). Best of all, you'll gain access to all of our member meetings, the speakers we invite to present at those meetings, and the amazing resource that is your fellow Orchid Society members. 

Where can I find more information about the MOS Spring Orchid Show?

Where can I find more pictures of orchids?